Red Clic-Clac?

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  1. I was going through my closet (wow, so many pinstripe shirts) and I noticed that out of all the shirts I have, there're THREE that are red. The I have a sweater in red as well, not to mention a black blazer with red pinstripe too. The thing is the red are dark red, between normal red and rouge H. It's strange because I'm not a big red person, probably because just about every other Asian I see is into red even though Hermes does the BEST reds (and red IS a beautiful color). But now, I'm wondering if it'd make sense for me to get a red clic-clac H bracelet. If so, what hardware? I'm thinking silver but I'm not sure ... Suggestions please?
  2. Hm, nevermind. I'm not getting it. Gotta stop the impulse buys and stay focused.
  3. You are too cute, Kou!
  4. :smile: but..the red clic-clac is cute!! I love red too :smile: Goes well with the complextion.