Red Cles Trio-New&Old Vernis Red+Epi Red-Pix!

Oct 13, 2006
Alright, i admit i was just going to return some extra gifts in LV, but i had to ask about the new Vernis red.....since i can't justify the price on the heart shape cone purse, i got this little darling instead ^_^ To me, the new red is more 'vamp' than the old orange-red, but both are equally stunning.....oh the new Vernis red is TDF, especically in Brentwood and Sac Maple Drive, but i am afriad i only like the contrast of red and new vachetta color, once the vachetta gets patina.....then it could be too 'dull' for the new vampy red IMO.
I have include the Red trios, both old and new Vernis red, and Epi Rouge cles to give you an idea :smile:


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