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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer in your Chanel family. I just bought a jumbo beige caviar bag and a jumbo black lambskin. And I am quite in love with them. (quite broke too)

    And now I desperately want a Red Jumbo for my additional family. Anyone know if the Red is making a come back? Or perhaps US or Europe still have Reds at their boutique (since I'm from Asia)?

    Thank you, I hope I'm not being rude or anything
  2. Hi! Welcome to the purse forum and the Chanel forum. We are very friendly here!!! There is a new fall red caviar jumbo. Its very pretty, a nice red. In fact some people have just got thiers, so you can find them in the reveals. I love the beige jumbo. Post pics of your bags when you get a chance.
  3. Thanks for the reply! ^^
    I saw there's a reveal of Red Jumbo Caviar from one of the member, and she mentioned Kiet Chu as the provider of this bag.
    Who is this person? Is he/she just another member who happens to have a red jumbo?

    Will post pictures of my beige soon as I get the hang of this pic. attachment thing ^^
  4. He's a sales associate who works at the Chanel houston boutique. You can email him if you are looking for a particular bag and he can check stock. I've emailed him before and he replies quickly. I believe the red jumbo is probably available.

    Kiet Chu (Houston, TX) 713-850-0055

    Good luck!
  5. ^^ oh my, i guess Keit is easily becoming the popular guy in tpf campus! i heard he's a handsome asian too :graucho: heehee...

    yes, he's well-recommended by the tpf ladies esp. in the international department... color code of the red is 81643, if it might help.
  6. The correct email address is
  7. From his surname, I believe his family is from Hong Kong. He doesn't look handsome on this photo.

  8. ^^ LOL! ok, where's the photo?
  9. ooh, there! hehe... not bad :biggrin:
  10. no idea if he's got nice body :graucho:. That's more importan :P
  11. LOL you girls are stalkers. :chatty:
    Riima, i can highly recommend him. He is professional and a helpful SA.
  12. He has a great smile-you be nice!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lol, thanks everyone. Apparently Kiet has a big fanbase here at tpf.
    Have emailed him, and red caviar is available. But no idea how the red looks like
  14. Can someone post a photo of the new Red jumbo? is it with gold or silver hw?