Red classic or reissue (not metallic)

  1. Does anyone have the word on whether there will be a red lamb classic flap or reissue for s/s '08 that is not metallic?

    I'm having difficulty conjuring a red metallic and purple metallic. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised but it sounds a bit harsh on the eye (not to think about the purse , ha, ha). Sad to say I'm letting go of the purple plum (jumbo) and was hoping to find something smaller. I'd have better luck levitating or astral traveling. Any news on non-metallic offerings?
  2. I know the the dark red reissue is in fact metallic but not sure if there is a red flap coming out...I haven't heard anything saying there was but you can always call and ask Chanel!
  3. Aw! sorry to hear you're letting go of the plum jumbo! Hope u find a similar bag in smaller size