Red classic jumbo

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  1. Hi - where can I get a red classic caviar jumbo right now? I've called Chanel in VA and Neimans in VA and they both said they are sold out even in other locations...

    any ideas?

  2. i just saw this

    but iin case, this is not allowrdd.. i have to say it's not my sale item!! I don't own a red flap.. don't like the colour much personally. And i also don't live in the States..

    You better ask in the "authenticate this" thread if you decide to buy it.

    but i think this is a maxi.. i didn't read the accompanying text at all..
  3. I wonder if my reveal has prompted a spurt of interest again? :biggrin: You can check eBay! There's two up there.
  4. shadowyi! i have to admit after giving up so many attempts of locating one seeing your reveal gave me a lot of hope!!

    but im not one to buy from ebay. :sad: never bought anything from ebay before. hope they relaunch it..
  5. I would rather not buy fom Ebay but from a store. So are they sold out everwhere? And have to wait for a relaunch?

  6. yeah. the jumbo pretty much sold out. ;(
  7. I know that in March they are releasing a light red lambskin with light gold hardware...