Red Classic Jumbo Caviar w/Leather Interwoven

  1. There is one available at Bergdorfs $2,250 color code is 91764, same color as this CC holder:

  2. At first I thought the cc holder was $2250!!! I was like :wtf:

    That is a gorgeous color though, it will probably be gone in half an hour!
  3. what is the difference between this red and the red lambskin?

    I thought these were both the same, just one was caviar and one was lambskin red...
  4. Cory, it's a completely different color red. This is not the new one we are all expecting with the new chain - this classic has the leather interwoven through the chain - it's the older style.:yes:
  5. Maybe it's my monitor, but this one looks like a brick red.
  6. Monica--is this more of a brighter red than the red lambskin with the new chain then? What year is this red bag from?

    Thanks :smile:
  7. Cory, it's more brick red (yellow undertones) - while the other red is more a lipstick red (blue understones).
  8. Hi Mon, thanks for the info, did you get one?

    Wow can't wait to see tpf members to post the pics of their new Red Jumbo!
  9. wonder if it has been snatched yet :upsidedown: