red classic flap caviar

  1. would anyone happen to know when would be expecting a classic 225 classic caviar in red!!!
  2. Just to help keep things straight there is no such thing as a classic 225.

    Are you referring to the timeless classic flap in the medium size?

    I've heard rumor that there might be a red lambskin flap for pre-fall 2008.

  3. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  4. Mon, do you happen to know if there will be caviar flap colors for Fall? TIA!
  5. Oh please say yes:girlsigh:
  6. There's a nice small red caviar flap on; pretty reasonably priced too.
  7. I only heard lambskin.
  8. OMG:yahoo: That is super exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. yea-- lookin for a red caviar classic flap in the medium size...if anyone has any info..pls do share.thanx so much girlies:smile:
  10. Still holding out for a red in caviar. I just can't do lambskin!
  11. same here, i'm still longing for a red caviar, hopefully the new 08 collection does come out wif caviar...not a lambskin gal...hehe