Red classic being released

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  1. Sorry if this is old news. I just spoke to a Chanel 800 number rep and apparently there is a red classic flap coming out with the older style chain. He said the boutiques did not buy it, but maybe some of the department stores did. It's a different red then last year's (the color code is different). The color number is 91663 (last season's red was 81643).
    Hope this helps someone, I know a lot of TPFers are still looking for red.
  2. oooo red!! yeeey

    by any chance, would you know if its bright red or dark red?
  3. Does anyone know if it will be lambskin or caviar?

    Aprilvalentine, thanks for posting this!
  4. oh yes i really want to know whether it will be in caviar or lambskin too. also will it be in jumbo size too.
  5. Thanks so much for the heads-up!

    91663 is the same color code for the 2005 Dark Red (IIRC from fall '05, more of a darker/bordeaux shade).

    There were 3 red's released in 2005 (don't ask me how I saved all this info....I'm addicted to the color red and saved all this in my email):

    2005 91663 dark red
    2005 81448 red
    2005 91759 red (continuum of 2003 colour)
  6. Really? Are you sure? :nuts: As in classic gold chain, you mean? Please say yes! :sweatdrop:
  7. omg how the hell do we get them?
  9. are we sure this is not the reissue ones due out for ss 08 that we all know of
  10. ^ I got this color code for the dark red from the Spring 2008 thread: 81540, so it's probably not the same as the one that April mentioned....

    There's still hope, yeah! :yahoo:
  11. Great news. Wonder if the classic flap will be about $5,000 by then :yucky:
  12. I'm really surprised that the boutiques did not buy it, knowing how everyone loves the reds. Come to think of it a SA in the UK Chanel also told me that a red was coming out this season and put my name down on a waitlist, but in the end it never materialised. Keep everyone posted if you do spot the classic red flaps.:tup:
  13. I'm sorry, but I don't know what shade of red it is.
    It's definately not the reissue, but the large (not jumbo) classic flap. That's not to say it won't come in jumbo though.
    I didn't ask about the hardware color. I just know it's not the bijou chain (sorry).
    I don't know if it's caviar or lambskin either (sorry again).
    I called and asked what colors the large classic would come in and he said "white, black, beige, red, blah, blah, blah" I say the blah's b/c after he said red I was like "wait! did you say red?" and didn't hear anything else. I was hoping for an electric blue, but it's not happening. I was excited for the ladies still looking for red though. I didn't ask any other questions though, b/c my toddler was in the background chanting "spongebob, spongebob, spongebob!"
  14. thats hilarious about your toddler chanting "spongebob" heehee, so cute, I could just imagine that as you're trying to get info about colored flpas from Chanel heehee

    electric blue would be so hot!!!
  15. i just emailed my SA at neiman i hope i get good news!

    if there's a red caviar medium flap, i'll TAKE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! sigh. i'm mad. i need to go to bed.