Red City - Can it Be Cleaned Up I wonder?

  1. You know, I originally thought this bag was more damaged than this - the photos show some dark stains at the corner, and darkened handles, but that's it, right? Depends on your risk-tolerance and exactly how perfectly you want it to turn out, but I think it could be improved a lot with some saddle soap. Now that we know it's auth (though 04 not 03, but whatever) and not $2K anymore, it seems like it might be worth trying...
  2. hmm... I keep going back to this bag. anyone planning on bidding? what's the reserve at now? is it still 1700?
  3. The leather looks scuffed - but for that price, and from that year? Who cares?!:nuts:
  4. seems like a pretty good deal to me...unless the reserve is really high. i'd say go for it! it looks great for the price to me!
  5. I dunno- the auction ends before I wake up usually... time zone ickiness and all. so I'd have to make a real effort and I think the reserve is quite high, probably out of my price range.
  6. yeah, i hate the time zone thing myself. i rarely get to see the end of auctions, which is usually when all the bidding happens. you might get lucky though...:smile:
  7. maybe... *scratches chin*
  8. Good Luck!!!!