red chole paddington ?

  1. Hello, this may be my first chole purchase, however I'm wondering if this is a red w/ blue or orange undertones. Also does the paddington come in orange? thanks
  2. I have the orange Paddy from pre-fall 06.
  3. I can't see any pics! but there is a blue red from 05 (grenat) and there is a bright red current season (rouge). there was also an orange paddy from s/s 06 like roxane just said.
  4. Well, here's the Rouge on NAP and it looks, to me, fom this and roz's pics that it is a slightly orangey red:

  5. Rouge kinda has a strawberry-pinkish undertone IMO... I wouldn't say it has a *strong* orange undertone but there is some.

    And like D&G said, there's also Grenat (blue undertones) and Orange paddingtons as well.

  6. I agree - i can definitely see an orange undertone in Roz's pics too:yes:
    But i can't see the same tones in the NAP pics..;)

    Either way, it's a beautiful shade of red..:love: :love: