Red Chevron Mini Square

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just received this gorgeous mini after calling every boutique for the red colour. I was debating between the red and the blue but I decided to get the red as I don't have any red bag but I have 3 blue bags.

    First impression was great, the bag has a few creases which you can see but I was still happy until further inspection I noticed the below on the chain.

    I guess my question is if you think I should return the bag or if it's just a minor flaw? TIA!

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  2. Here is the chain

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  3. To be honest, I would have a bigger problem with the creases on the front of the bag because I think they're much more noticeable. Given that there are two issues with this bag, I would say to try to find another one.

  4. +1
  5. The creases in the front are kinda bothersome [emoji20] I'd look for another
  6. Thank you guys! I will call the store and ask for another, it's just such a hassle as I am not able to go to the boutique and I did a mail order!
  7. When I went in there they only had one piece. Try exchange it.
  8. Really, I guess I have to call first thing! When did you go if you don't mind me asking? I ordered on Friday which is when I think they received the stock as I had called on Thursday as well.

    Hope I can get a perfect one, I believe Sloane Street and Brompton boutique will be getting them as well worst case scenario!
  9. That red is gorgeous!
    Did you get it in Europe?

    I agree with everyone, the crease is a bit much.
    hope you can locate another one!
  10. Thank you, yes I got it from here in the UK :smile:
  11. It's so pretty but the crease in the front would bother me. Sorry ☹️
  12. Hi no it's ok, I think the more everyone is mentioning it the more it's bothering me as well! Lol
  13. Omg the bag is sooooo gorgeous! I've been waiting for this bag here in Canada and still can not get my hands on one! So I ended buying the black one! Congrats!! Hope you get a new one but if it were me I don't think I could let go of it!
  14. The creases seem pretty obvious and would bother me but the chain seems to just be twisted a little. Could it be that it just needed to be turned slightly? Regardless agree with all on exchange. Good luck it's beautiful!!
  15. The creases to the front is my most or return! Good Luck
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