Red "cherry" colour advice!

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  1. I need some expert LV advice. Ive been lusting for a perfect true red bag for awhile now but didn't found one I like until I came across the Speedy B 25 in empreinte leather. However as I can't see the bag in person before I buy I wonder if anybody has an LV empreinte bag in the colour Cherry that can share pictures of it and let me know if it's a true red or if it has undertones of orange or pink in it?

    Thank you so much.

  2. IMG_1482850910.780039.jpg

    I think my cherry empriente SpeedyB is a perfect, bright red. I don't know about undertones but I hope this picture is of help.
  3. Have you looked through the Clubhouse yet? The Speedy Empreinte forum has some modeling pictures that may be helpful. But you mentioned in another post that you were looking for a red with silver hardware so just keep in mind that the Speedy's hardware is gold, not silver.
  4. Oh I feel like I've been looking at every tread with "empreinte" now :smile: yes red with silver would be the optimal bag but they are unicorns! The only one I've found so far is a preloved Chanel mini square and that's priced at +2000£. This is the only other true red bag I've found out there that I could consider. Just hoping it's a colour/style that will be available for at least 6 months :smile:
  5. I've tried this bag on before. I know the lighting isn't very good, but I hope it helps. I think it's a true red, but it's a bit too bright for my taste.
    If you want red with silver hardware, you could try the Alma BB in coquelicot.
  6. I checked out the speedy empreinte in cherry and it was a bit too bright for me, especially with the gold hardware. The perfect true red (arguably, I suppose) was Pomme D'amour.
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  7. I don't own anything in cherry, but I choose the noir key cles over the cherry because I thought it looked a little orange for my taste. I also compared it against my Pomme Vernis cles which might be why it appeared more orange. I agree with the above poster that Pomme is LVs perfect red.
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  8. How about the Lockme 2 bags, i don't think it is empreinte but its leather and i think a truer red with silver hardware..its lovely.
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  9. I agree - Lockme is a beautiful red w/silver HW!!
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    As far as empriente goes, Jaipur is probably very close to a true red but since discontinued. Cherry is more orange undertone. Like another poster said Pomme is what I consider a true candy apple red offer by LV. I don't have a speedy in cherry but here's a picture of my Cherry Cles with my Pomme Vernis cosmetic pouch.
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  11. Thank you so much ladies for your expert advice! I got a hold of LV store in Sthlm and the lovely SA sent over this pic of the Speedy and Lockme II BB. Now I really can't decide they are both fabulous! I'm trying to consider what I already have in my collection and what I need. I just know I def want a red bag but do I want/need an everyday bag or one that can transition day to evening?
  12. IMG_1483022465.070031.jpg

    Speedy in Cherry
    Lockme II BB in Rubis

    This is my "collection" today, which one to add?

  13. Speedy for sure! You don't have any bags that are that shape!
  14. +1
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  15. I think the colour Rubis is the best Vuitton's neutral red. Here it is in Taurillon leather

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