Red chanel with PINK interior and pink CC

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    does anyone know what year this bag is from? I don't remember it. Does anyone have real life photos? I'm curious how many colors chanel made with this red interior and what this read looks like in real life!
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  3. I owned that Woc before and bought it in 2014 new from Bloomies. I can post some photos tomorrow if you like. But they look exactly like the one in link you posted.:smile:
  4. I'd love some photos. how would you describe the red?
  5. Just checked my pics and it was from 14B. I would say it's a true red with pink undertones versus vampy lipstick red, if that makes sense. I posted pic of w/o flash and with flash.
    20150928_214902.jpg 20150928_215013.jpg 20150928_215037.jpg
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    It wouldn't post all the pics..haha
    20150928_215654.jpg 20150928_214930.jpg