Red Chanel wallet

  1. Here is the red lambskin continental wallet
  2. I dont see a picture :sad:
  3. How do I post photos?????
  4. Sounds pretty, can't wait to see ur pic of it!:p
  5. upload them to photobucket which is easier then when you go to the box with the pic of the mountain and then paste the URL of your pic and hit ok.

    or you can click go advanced in the reply box and on the first tow there is a paperclip icon click that and upload the pic directly from your PC and then click ok and then post.

    sorry If I confused you.if you want me to post the pic for you just email me the pic at
  6. IMG_1060 copy.jpg

    IMG_1061 copy.jpg

    IMG_1062 copy.jpg

    IMG_1063 copy.jpg

    Thanks for the help;)
  7. Love the color! Do you have this in the flap style? Thanks!
  8. Wow, that's really pretty! Does it come in brown or black?

  9. ooooh, it's so prettyyyy!!! I have one like it but the red is more burgandy, kinda aged looking. is it sinful to have 2 red wallets? :p
  10. Absolutely superb. Congratulation on a good buy.:flowers:
  11. Wow, it's hotttttt!:heart: Is it a lambskin wallet? I have the same one, but is in black. I am so loving it...:wlae:
  12. beautiful !! i wanted that one =P but didnt get it...i figured nothing is wrong with my current wallet ...darn, hehee.
  13. OMG! The wallet is GORGEOUS! I love the color. Congrats!
  14. Great choice in color for the wallet!!:heart:
  15. I just saw this wallet at NM in SF. It's gorgeous! I was so tempted to purchase the black one. It has tons of slots and looks so classy. Congrats on the cute purchase!