Red Chanel: Need help deciding

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  1. Hi TPF’ers,

    I’ve been wanting a red Chanel bag for a while (I love red bags). I was on the waitlist for the 19A red small cocohandle and one came in :smile:! But, my CA informed me they also have a red boy! arriving tomorrow that she is reserving for me so I can decide between the two. They both look great in pics. Please help me decide.

    Small Red cocohandle:
    I have a small black coco and love it. Perfect size - fits my stuff. Can be worn multiple ways. Love the way it looks. I already have a small cocohandle...not sure should I get a new style? One potential con: small coco hits on my widest spot when worn on shoulder (I have wide hips and a big *ss), but I’m used to this with most shoulder bags...i can’t change my shape ;)

    Red Chevron calfskin Boy with shiny GHW:
    I’ve always wanted a boy and I love red. New medium is a perfect size for me. I like chevron, but prefer non-chevron on boy. It’s not caviar so I have to be careful. Not sure if shiny gold will be too flashy (I’m not scared of flashy...just don’t want it too look cheap). When worn on shoulder it hits a bit lower (ie, hides big *ss from side ;). Not sure if it would slip off shoulder when worn double strap

    My current Chanel collection:

    - black m/l caviar classic flap shw. Love it, but it’s on the small side

    - black Gabrielle WOC aged calfskin with mixed hardware (aged ghw logo and ruthenium chain). Great for travel

    - black small cocohandle ghw. Perfect size. Would like another color for hot summer months (sometime black color feels too much for the heat)

    I will try both in person tomorrow, but would love your thoughts! They are both beautiful so it will be a hard decision.

    Also included pics of same styles on me but in black.

    E2A6139D-92E6-4D2F-84B7-481D32DAD060.jpeg 01930FAF-8E53-4BAC-8F8B-C069DD5D281A.jpeg B92975F3-F537-489A-B9A1-B9583E92B4ED.jpeg AE25B780-4FAA-45E2-B262-38CB42E5F98A.jpeg 862F277B-38A8-4D5A-AF64-3C3B5BD3318E.jpeg
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  2. Oh tough choice. They both look great on you. For variety, I’d go for the boy.
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  3. I think the red boy with the gold hardware is gorgeous! My boy is a chevron too so I might be a little bit biased though ;)
    But I also vote for the boy for variety!
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  4. My vote is for the boy!
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  5. I'd vote red coco handle. I think you might be right that the bright boy red against the gold is flashy, although there are probably places where you could wear it. The coco has less gold hardware and you look sophisticated wearing it.
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  6. Boy!!
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  7. The shiny gold hardware against the 19A red is pretty flashy. And you're not convinced you like the chevron styling. How in love are you with the style of the Coco? Do you like it enough to want it in a second color? Those seem to be the big questions: Chevron leather, and already owning the Coco in black.
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  8. Boy!
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  9. the red boy is stunning
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  10. I agree with both ccbaggirl89 and NateSelwyn25 about the gold on the red boy being (too) flashy. I would pick the red coco handle as it looks more chic.
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  11. I love chevron on the boy, but I'm not too sure about this combo. Shiny gold hardware is too much for this big a bag. Also, I find that my boy always slips off my shoulders when worn on the shoulder. I much prefer crossbody.

    That said, the new medium looks great on you! :smile:
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  12. they are all gorgeous! i guess i'd consider my lifestyle to pick one, maybe that can help you figure it out? boy is gorgeous and lush, but it still can look laid back paired down with casual clothings (i've got a large one rhw in red and love it, so lol that counts), but if you're going for all time chic, go with coco!
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  13. Thank you everyone for your comments! These were all very helpful. I just left the store looking at both bags. They are both beautiful, but I loved the coco more :heart:. It’s the perfect size, beautiful red in caviar, and I love the aged gold hw.

    The boy was nice also, but the calfskin seemed too delicate (one of the displays was already all scratched) and the shiny gold was a bit too much for me. It looked beautiful, but I felt like I should wear it clubbing....I haven’t been clubbing in like 15+ years ;), so I would need a new life :smile:

    I was so excited I forgot to take mod pics at Chanel. I’ll post pics this weekend. Excited to finally have a red Chanel :yahoo:!
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  14. Great choice! I would have voted for the coco handle too! I just got the red coco in the mini size and I also own a black coco in the small size :smile:
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  15. DB1F0929-4A0D-4963-BFB0-0704D29A5C09.jpeg A0BACC68-68A9-4497-BE17-AAB15D8514C3.jpeg BBF70906-96BD-4FE2-8B97-E07A391DE5E9.jpeg 868DB7E1-6CB1-43CE-99E8-E495ED81F50A.jpeg 214219EB-965E-49DC-AB13-37E790A09A3B.jpeg 1FE5F011-4F4E-4CC9-85E4-C51D1E27E19B.jpeg I love the red coco handle! I’m using it for the first time today while traveling
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