red chanel flap or red First balenciaga?

  1. I know I want a true bright red bag, but can't decide to get it in a chanel flap or first balenciaga? What do you guys think?
  2. It depends whether you want a more sophisticated bag (chanel) or casual (balenciaga).
  3. What will you be using it for???
  4. When I go out, I guess day and night will do. And probably something casual, but I thought the chanel flap can be casual too. I prefer the old chain though. I know that'll be impossible to find.
  5. What is the difference between the old chain and new chain?
  6. Both are beautiful bags and my 2 fave brands, the Chanel will be more classic IMO but balenciaga has a wider selection of reds to ensure that you find your perfect shade.
  7. Hi. :smile: I actually like Balenciaga (I have three Firsts - my favorite style, two City's, and a Twiggy), but my true love is Chanel. :smile: Well, unfortunately, it just might be impossible to find. :sad: I located my '05 red E/W flap after two years of searching... so your best bet would be eBay, since they are long gone from boutiques and dept. stores. It seems like a lot of pfers are looking for this red (and no wonder - it's gorgeous... Chanel needs to take note haha). :p Here she is :love::

    My vote definitely goes to Chanel, but, if you can't find a bright red flap and get tired of searching, Bal Rouge Vif is somewhat similar to my red (I actually have that in a Twiggy), and the new Tomato is pretty too... nice alternatives, but very different types of bags nonetheless. :smile: HTH, and good luck! :tup:
  8. My vote goes to the flap hands down (not a Balenciaga fan) however, I also think you're probably going to have a very hard tmie actually finding the flap in red.
  9. I'm not a Balenciaga fan, find it too rugged for me. Thus, I vote for the red flap but don't think it is easy to find unless on eBay...
  10. You have AWESOME taste! I have a red First bag, and I would love to have a red Chanel flap as well.

    I agree that the First bag can be more casual than a Chanel flap, but I have also used my First as an evening bag. It's really cute as a dressy bag!

    Since the red classic flaps are so hard to come by, I would get the First bag now, and the Chanel when it's available.
  11. my vote goes to the flap since it will be more of a classic. but it would depend on what you wear and your lifestyle.
  12. Balenciaga! :tup:

    My husband says classic Chanels make me look like a little ol' lady!
  13. I had this same dilemma a few months ago and I ended up getting a red flap. I did get the 07 Chanel red and not the 05 though... but that was me looking for a more 'subtle' red (if that's not an oxymoron! lol).

    I don't think that 'hard to find' element will help you decide on either b/c if you're looking for a TRUE red - I believe only the Balenciaga 03 red and the 04 red were true reds so I actually think you'd have a way harder time finding those than an 05 Chanel classic flap. Regardless of which you pick... all those bag hunts will definitely take a lot of patience and determination...

    Good luck on your decision and then your subsequent hunt!
  14. Hah hah I have the same dilemma. At the moment I am leaning more towards Chanel because it's timeless. Also Balenciaga's leather is kinda fragile, non?
  15. what a difficult choice :p
    i love both brands but honestly i prefer chanel flap than firsts. i prefer my balenciaga in bigger size like work or weekender