Red Chanel Classic flaps?

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  1. i've heard that red flap get released almost every year but when do the red flaps usually get released? Are they always during cruise collection? I know I missed 14c red, didn't have the budget then & was funding for my upcoming holiday! So I've been stalking the red flaps owners posts and have been so in Love with their flaps!!
    I'm going to travel end next month (London & Paris! :smile: )and I've been dying to get my HG flap in red do you think I'll have any luck? I'm wishing for one in red caviar like the 14c red caviar in shw!
    Even if I don't get that I'm hoping there will be reds released during this period is there a possibilty?
    I've been so obsessed thinking about it I can't help but to ask you girls! Thanks! xx
  2. From what l have seen, chanel always releases a red twice a year, one in the cruise collection, the other in the fall. Sometimes they have one in the summer collection but not this year. The pre fall colors won't be coming out until may/June unfortunately. I think your best bet is to trace down the 14C red from the previous collection if there is any left.
  3. You can try eBay like my personal shoppers. They had a 14c red
  4. This is sad news: ( It's my first to Paris and I was hoping I can get something off the boutique myself than getting it online :sad: sad!
  5. You never know, there may be a red there for you. Stay positive.
  6. :sad: Thanks! Hopefully if not now one day I will thank u! :smile:
  7. You just never really know what Paris will have when you go. Often they will get things before the U.S. does. I'd check the shopping board and look for the Paris threads to find out some good strategies for the various Chanel boutiques and stores that have Chanel in Paris. There are great posts about times and subway numbers, etc. I hope you will have a fabulous time in Paris and I'm sure you will find some souvenir to bring home from Chanel Paris!
  8. Thank u tutushopper! Yes I've been stalking the Paris threads S/S 14 threads and I've been seeing wonderful fushia reveals!
    Thank u and I hope for the best!!
  9. If you see your perfect red before you go, buy it here and just buy something that calls to you in Paris, from earrings to a brooch or anything that will serve as a reminder of your time in Paris. It's so hard to try to find a certain seasonal bag when you're there, and you'd not want to set yourself up to be disappointed either. So when you go, just enjoy your time and if you find a bag you love, then that's fabulous. But if you don't, you'll still find something special. Paris is just magical that way! :smile:
  10. I'm in Singapore & the SA said no more red in stores and no idea if there would be one for now or coming up. Don't blame him.
    So thats fine.
    I will enjoy it! Going to Paris is already a dream come true! And I will Let u girls know what I do end up with(if anything at all, but I'm not planning to come back empty handed either :biggrin: )