red chanel classic flap vs. red balenciaga first

  1. which one should i get? i cant decide.... please help....
  2. I'd pick the Balenciaga in red because they're only available this season after that it's becoming hard to find one. Chanels are always there.
  3. but i thought balenciaga had red also last year.
    doesnt that mean they MIGHT have red also next year?
  4. My vote is definetely balenciaga:wlae:
  5. huh... i was leaning towards chanel in the beginning, but now i am questioning it.
    any reason wh you girls prefer balenciaga?
  6. go get the balenciaga one!!! woo hoo b-bags rule!!!
  7. One more vote for Balenciaga!
  8. chanel is more lady-like classic :smile: but a b-bag is cute too. so depends on you :smile:
  9. Balenciaga!
  10. Chanel! Its classic and refined! Balenciaga is nice too, but trendy.
    Hmm...I would get both haha! I am no help, sorry!
  11. Chanel is always a classic and can be use for a long time......i'm leaning towards Chanel, Balenciaga is in at the moment but who know wat happens in 10 yrs time.
  12. i personally love balenciaga, but if u opt for a more luxury and classic looking go for chanel, balenciaga is more laid back
  13. It's always so hard to choose, they are both so gorgeous, balenciaga is more casual and chanel is more dressed up. I'd get both, lol
  14. A Chanel is a chanel, is a chanel, is a chanel....................
  15. ouch man a RED CHANEL? classic flap? drop dead GORGEOUS!