Red caviar timeless clutch anywhere?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a red caviar timeless clutch other than eBay?
  2. please please please help ladies!!!! i'm desperate!
  3. You can try calling a Saks SA to see if there is one that is in the system. When I was looking for mine the boutique and NM did not have them at all. The Bloomies in my area does not carry Chanel so I don't know if they ever had the red. Most of the ones out there sold due to the Oct ECG and the pending price increase. Good luck.
  4. Saks is completely sold-out of that one unfortunately (I checked & checked). I'd recommend checking with NM/boutiques/Hirshleifers/Bloomies. Good luck!
  5. I have checked everywhere too. They are gone :sad:
  6. I just saw one on eBay USA. Try looking it up. Not sure if its authentic. But you can check
  7. Saks never carry red, just in Black and white :'(
  8. I was able to get a red from Saks, Chevy Chase MD, so they do occasionally carry the red.
  9. My red caviar clutch also came from Saks.
    It was a few months ago though.
  10. Yes they did, that's where I bought mine.