Red caviar timeless clutch anywhere?

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  1. I've now decided I'd like one and of course the SA I use can not locate any, thanks for any help!
  2. I am looking too - dont think there is any at the mo - eBay seems to be the best bet

    Good luck with your hunt
  3. I think NM or Saks should still have some.
  4. I wanted one too, but it seems hopeless:crybaby:
  5. Try Saks! I remember seeing one at my local a few weeks ago.
    Diane is a very helpful SA, (248) 643-9000 ext. 5404
  6. There's one on eBay. Quick!
  7. I saw one at NM Palo Alto on Sat.
  8. Sorry, it could be lamb. I am not sure now.
  9. Check out Saks, beveryhill I think I saw one over there.
  10. Neiman's in Palo Alto has one - 650-329-3300. I was there last week!