Red Caviar Timeless Classic Flap SS2007

  1. I didn't want this to get lost in the other "trunk show" thread so I started a new thread. Amanda, I hope that's OK.

    I called the Chanel 800# and spoke to Natalia. She confirmed that for SS2007 the Timeless Classic Flap was going to be available RED in Lambskin, but none of the Chanel boutiques ordered it in Lambskin. You will have to check the department stores for inventory.

    She had some difficulty at first regarding the Caviar, but when I insisted that my SA was sure that it would be available in Caviar she was able to find and confirm that indeed a few (VERY FEW) Caviar Jumbo Flaps were ordered, and confirmed (by color code) that it was the same red as the lambskin.

    Here's the info:

    Style# A35190 Y01588 $1,695 (Color Code for Red: 81643)

    She also said something interesting. Apparently the reissue will also be available in red crackled calfskin - again none of the Chanel boutiques ordered it, so some research with department stores is needed.
  2. For reference, here is the red lambskin jumbo:

  3. Gosh!! I need a red bag and this is perfect. Thanks Smooth for the pic and info.
  4. anytime a red Chanel is involved, it deserves it's own thread!!!!!!!
  5. ^^Thanks Amanda.

    INFORMATION about the 2.55 in the new red. It's not a reissue, but rather the 2.55 (see picture below).

    Style# A34887 Y04495 $1,275 (Red Color Code: 81643 same as lambskin above)

    it's an "evening" size bag and per the SA at Chanel 800# most likely similar to the 225 in size.

  6. Thanks so much Smooth! It just amazes me how much you know about Chanel. My DH would be shocked because he thinks I know so much, LOL. Soooo pretty! So the evening bag looks like it is a textured leather with a new style chain. Do you know if the caviar will come with silver or gold hardware. And just to confirm, these prices will not go up in February?
  7. Actually I forgot to ask if the red caviar came with silver hardware, but from the Nordstrom lookbook the red lambskin is definitely in silver hardware.

    Yes, the price is supposed to go up in February, but I wonder if they wouldn't honor these prices if you got on the waitlist with the older price?
  8. smooth!!!!! thanks!!!!!

    BUT will the caviar red comes in MEDIUM????
  9. I have no clue? But very few jumbo's will be available.

  10. I tried 1800 this morning and she said no medium caviar in red......i am going to triple check with my SA this afternoon!
  11. :nuts: :nuts: OMG, that's the perfect RED!!!! :love:
    Hopefully it will come in medium because the jumbo is too big and heavy for me :s
  12. Thanks for the info, Mon! I definitely hope to get a Jumbo, especially in caviar. That color code is the same as my East/West lambskin Flap.
  13. tammy, could you post your E/W red flap again?

    it will be awesome if this new red caviar will come in E/W!!!
  14. That is a gorgeous, gorgeous red.
  15. Here are some pics of my E/W. It's not as bright as it appears in the pics.