Red Caviar Jumbo New Chain available

  1. I was called in to get this bag but I don't want it. PM me for SA name if you're interested.
  2. sorry i think there's osmethign wrong w/ my computer, can't seem to pm you, but i'm interested in the bag...tia
  3. I think i saw it at the bloor store today. they have so many sizes and colors for the new chain.
  4. this bag is GONE! It went to a lovely tpf'r
  5. it was actually a classic tote not a jumbo classic that the store had available.

    The SA said it was the kind of tote that zipped at the top and that it was smaller than the GST
  6. ^ actually, from what I understand the PF'r who bought it confirmed it was a red jumbo classic with new chain and not a classic tote.
  7. Actually, I was called by two SAs one from NM and another from Chanel boutique. I gave cisforcoco info of boutique SA. On Thursday night, I actually went to boutique and look at the bag IRL. I know for sure it's jumbo classic. Iluvbags got info of NM SA. On Friday afternoon, I went to NM just to browse. Iluvbags called NM while I was there. I talked to Iluvbags a bit on the phone. Since I already look at the bag at boutique, I didn't bother to see the bag again. It was stored in the back. So I don't know for sure which bag NM hold for me. But I was on the red jumbo classic list only so I think it must be jumbo classic. Oh well, I'll check with NM later and let you know. Sorry for confusion.

  8. HI Katie!!!
    yEAH--I wanted to make sure that it was in fact the jumbo caviar so i asked her to describe it to me.

    She said it was a zip top tote from the timeless classic collection and not the jumbo caviar. We went over it specifically. She actually ddint know the proper name but I asked her to find her lookbook and see.

    No worries. Thanks for your help anyway. I really cannot buy anymore bags anyway. I was only making an exception for this one because its a timeless color and from its popularity I know it won't be around for long.

  9. Thanks Katie for the info the other day, I actually passed it along to a wonderful tpf'r who immediately called and bought it! :heart:
  10. Wonderful. I'm so glad this bag found a good home :p
  11. Finally. I know why. There isn't a waiting list at NM. It's just some note wrote in customer book. What NM has is a tote not a flap. She called me because she thinks I might like this red tote. I thought it's a flap so I sent her info to Iluvbags. The flap is not in yet.

    I am not sure if she'll call me again 'cause she knows I am not interested. If she does, I'll post again. This time, I'll make sure it's a jumbo flap with new chain.