Red Caviar Jumbo is here- descision time! *pics*

  1. The red caviar jumbo arrived and now I have to decide which to keep- jumbo flap or classic tote.

  2. I love the jumbo flap. The classic tote is cute, but the flap is fabulous!
  3. wow this is one of my favourites of all time!

    Congrats - drool drool drool
  4. I can't decide either. :shrugs: I love them both!
  5. They are both gorgeous. I vote for keeping the flap. =)
  6. I would keep the flap as the tote looks really bulky.
  7. They both look great! I agree with chanelbaby tho' that the tote looks bulky. My vote is jumbo flap.

    Either one is a keeper as both are gorgeous!
  8. :love: i love both but im leaning more towards the tote.. :yes:
  9. I vote for the flap. The tote does look a tad bulky.
  10. I'm partial towards the flap because I have it and love it... I think they both look great on you, but my vote goes towards the flap. :smile:
  11. I love the Red Jumbo! Hmm maybe because I have one and love it. I think both are beautiful but the flap gets my vote!!! Congrats on both!
  12. Keep the flap! It's stunning with the new chain!!!
  13. oooohhh the flap is gorgeous!! keep the flap!!!
  14. :drool: They are both so freakin' GORGEOUS!!!

    I would likely choose the flap, as I love the style so much!

    What is the tote like on the inside? If is has handy compartments or something like that, it's worth extra points in its favor!
  15. the flap! the classic tote looks a little bulky.