Red caviar jumbo GHW..modeling pics

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  1. Hi ladies,

    As promised here are close up pics of the 09C red caviar jumbo with gold hw that I received from my fave SA. :heart: LOVE this bag. The GHW really brightens up the bag. The bag is brighter and redder IRL. My camera is acting up and the pics came out somewhat darker. First 3 pics were taken without flash.





  2. HI J!!!! Looks beautiful and so do you. I have recently begane to love GHW. Do you still wear white gold or silver jewelry or do you wear YG?
  3. :heart:Jenn as always you look fabulous!

    Love the red jumbo on you.

  4. It's beautiful on you :smile: Congratulations on you gorgeous red :smile:
  5. Love it - It looks perfect on you :smile:
  6. Looks amazing on u!!
  7. congrats Jenn! It looks fabulous on u!!
  8. Congrats!! Enjoy your new jumbo!!!:smile:
  9. it looks fab on you! :heart:

    & i think the ghw makes this red *pop* more :yes:
  10. You wear it very well!
  11. nice pictures and now i am loving the bag even more.
  12. Wow, the bag is stunning and you wear it so well! Gold really does bring the red out =)
  13. Gorgeous!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  14. You should be a model for Chanel handbags Jenn! :heart: You make every bag look so HOT! I love the Cruise red caviar jumbos, and if I could have, I would have bought one with silver HW and one with gold. You are the epitome of elegant chic sweetie! :smile:

    Your modeling pics of the light beige caviar jumbo tempted me to no end! It is now on my official wish list. Eek!
  15. Looks amazing on you! I love the gold h/w.