Red caviar jumbo classic flap?

  1. Does anyone have pictures of this bag? I'm thinking about ordering it sight unseen, but I'd like to see pictures first. Any modeling shots? I couldn't find any pictures on the forum...Thanks in advance!
  2. This bag hasn't been released yet.

    I have pictures modeling a jumbo caviar in offwhite if that helps?
  3. Are you sure? I called to inquire about stock and they said they had that bag. Is that just wrong? Do you know when it'll be released? Thanks for replying.
  4. It depends on the color "red". The tomato red caviar jumbo is to be released in March, I believe, based on the S/S trunk show. However, you may be referring to a different "red".
  5. I'm on several wait lists for this bag (in both caviar and lambskin), in fact I'm #1 on the waitlist for caviar from the flagship store in NY and no one has called me to let me know it's available.
  6. True. I assumed she was talking about the S/S2007 red. But I also assumed all reds from previous seasons are completely sold out.
  7. Where was it that said they had it in?
  8. I spoke to several SA and they told me the same thing that it will be release anytime from March to May. I am on the waiting list for the lambskin and caviar as well. :smile:
  9. Well I called at a department store, and I'm going to be a scrooge and not say where as I'd like to grab it if I can, but when I asked what classic flaps they had in stock, they said they had a red jumbo caviar. Could it be an older return?
  10. Maybe it is a return because I've called alot of detp stores and they don't have the one I want(due out in March) I guess you could ask them.
  11. Could it possibly be the DARK Red from fall '06? I know some SA's call that the red but it's a pretty dark shade of red, almost burgundy red....not true red.
  12. I agree, the new red from S/S is part of Act 2, there is no way any stores got it yet. It could be the dark red from fall, but that red is too dark it looks old to me, not liking it at all. Maybe you can ask your SA what season this one is from.
  13. Was there a red in fall 2006? I only remember violet and blue. Unless you are thinking of the red reissue.
  14. there was indeed a dark red caviar timeless classic flap in fall 06, I think that red is like in act 2 coz it came in later after the violet, blue and grey. But that red is really DARK. I saw it at SCP chanel. It's not the burgandy reissue.
  15. ^ yep there was a dark red, but i remember someone on the forum found a 2005 red (east-west style) from the back. lucky girl!