Red caviar flap

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  1. i was wondering if anyone on here never liked or bought a red bag before but recently purchased the red caviar/lambskin flap? i never really liked red bags before but don't want to miss the opportunity to own a chanel red flap. i'm just afraid that i won't use it too much since red is not really my color. what do you think?
  2. hi babe...i dont own any red bags neither but i wouldnt mind getting one..haha...i think red can be surprisingly neutral- it can go with white, blacks, denim(although it depends on what your wear as a top.) but if u have alot of beige, khaki, cream colored clothing,i dont know if red will compliment it as much as would..say...ur gorgeous dark silver would! haha..;)
  3. I'm with you. I would love a red flap because it screams "gorgeous" but red is just not that into me unfortunately.
  4. hi hunnie. love ur new avatar! hot ;)

    i would love a violet e/w caviar but don't know if my dreams will come true. hehe. maybe red is not for me. unless it's an e/w size. btw, didn't get the black caviar medium yet! but will text u once i do! :heart:
  5. I'd love the Red but like you said, I don't see myself carrying the Red much so oh well.
  6. hey sexi, omg violet is sooo gorgeous. i seen jenn's (clk55grl) violet flap on TPF and its just pure hotness! i love the red color for purses but its just harder to match. if i only have the funds for one, i rather get a metallic purse over red bc metallics are suprisingly versatile..hehe...oh, i was gonna txt u the other day but i forgot..i went into saks and met susan, shes a sweetie! i never thought she would be a red head,but shes tiny and just adorable! haha..which one is joesph?
  7. OOH, is it the red lambskin classic flap with the new chain? It's gorgeousss! It definitely will go really well with many outfits -- it will add that extra color to all your outfits!
  8. i used to not be a fan of red at all..especially to pay $$ for a red handbag, but when the red flap came out i had to have is really a gorgeous red and one of my favorite bags now!
  9. you know i never met joseph! but i heard he is very helpful. i like susan the most since she is so diligent and follows up well. :smile:
  10. makes me want to get a red now that everyone seems to be raving about it. but i had problems with red in the past. i bought a sofa in red and end up returning it, i bought a goyard luggage in red and end up returning get the point. the problem is i love it on other people when i see it and it makes me want to get one too but when i finally get it, i don't like it one me. :shrugs: but i must admit that the chanel red flap is TDF!
  11. i recently bought the red jumbo with the new chain and i love it! i wear primarily neutral colors e.g. black, grey, white, cream so the red bag adds a nice punch to most of my clothes. i think it really depends on your wardrobe but in any case it's a great bag that'll be able to match everything all year, even in winter when clothing colors are more muted. :P
  12. I've always loved red bags! It really does go with a lot. A red bag can make your whole outfit pop.