Red Caviar Chanel Wanted

  1. Desperately looking for bright red Chanel caviar bag - prefer jumbo classic, but will consider others. Can anyone help?:smile:
  2. Sold out everywhere. Occassionally they do pop up on eBay but you'll likely pay way more than what it cost retail.
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    yea, if not u have to try ur luck at the consignment shop shld u be able to find one...GL in ur search:heart:
  4. Unfortunately, the only bright cherry red Chanel released was in '05, and I've never even seen an '05 Jumbo pop up on eBay. :sad: As for any red Chanel bags (especially flaps), they're highly coveted, and as ItsMyWorld mentioned, if you do find one, it will likely be on ebay/in a consignment shop, and I'm sure you'll pay over retail for it. Good luck in your search! :smile:
  5. Lots of people are looking for one!