red caviar availability at chanel boutique.

  1. so, let me get this straight
    the chanel boutiques already received the e/w and the jumbo, but only 2 location will be receiving the med/ large? right?
    does anyone know if they will be getting more e/w? or was that the only shipment?
    and lastly, how about the lambskin, besides bG, any other stores ordered them? thanks
  2. I didn't know anyone ordered the red caviar in medium.

    Nordstrom also ordered the medium lambskin but they sold out immediately.

    Bergdorf's told me they were trying to get an order of jumbo lambskin but they were not sure they would get any. Nobody else ordered the jumbo in lambskin.
  3. tk you know if the boutiques will be getting more of the e/w if they didn't order the medium? thanks
  4. I don't know. Brendan told me that the e/w actually turned out to be more popular than the jumbo and those sold out much faster.
  5. yeah the jumbo is definitely more available than the e/w or the medium. my SA at Saks insistes that they are getting it but i'm not sure if that is for certain. so in case they don't end up getting it, i'd definitely consder the e/w, but not sure if i will be able to locate any by then.
  6. try NM in LA, i spoke to an SA and he mentioned he had it. that was 2 days ago.