Red Caviar 07 and 09??? help me pleaseee

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  1. Hi ladies, I have a question for those whom have seen the red 07 and 09 IRL,i was wondering whether is the color much difference? I 've only seen the red 09 IRL but not the 07 , so i am wondering that:
    1. Is the Red 07 much brighter than 09?
    2. Is red 07 got some brown undertone?

    and if you can only choose one, what will be ur choice? RED jumbo caviar 07 or Red caviar 09?!? :confused1:
    thanks again :smile:
  2. i thought the 07 is long gone?
    ow and you can do search 'red 07' because there has been soooo many DETAILS discussion on this heuehue and so many comparison photos to make your decision easier =)
    what i know is the 07 and 09 has the exact same color code =) goodluck!
  3. They are basically the same color. Some say the 07 is a touch more red but they seem the same to me. They are both gorgeous bags but the only real difference in the bags is the chains. It all depends whether you like the bijoux chain or the traditional leather chain strap. I have the 07 jumbo or else I'd have bought the 09. I like having the bijoux chain because I have so many classic flaps, it makes it more unique.