Red Carpet Manicure

  1. I was reading through a magazine and saw this ad.... anyone know anything about it? I've been googling and can't seem to find much about it. I just want to know about the 36 shades!!!

  2. I saw this ad too. I was curious since my friend had been toying around with the idea of doing her on SOG, and I thought this might interest her.
  3. I currently use shellac and gelish and was super excited when sally's started to carry the gelish but they don't have the full range of colors. I'm anxious to see all the options
  4. Gee, the light looks suspiciously like the one that Gelish put out for consumer "touch up" use.
  5. As often happens, RunnerGal1, you took the words right outta my mouth. Now if someone would market the light LED, super cheap, I'd buy that for travel over my trusty black-light flashlight...!

    Oh, and with an AC converter as standard instead of a $20 buck radioshack add-on...!
  6. I'm interested to see what colors they put out. Hopefully some less traditional ones. I'm growing tired of the pink, red and french colors.
  7. I just watched the video. I wonder if it is UV curable? In the article it mentioned a 45w LED lamp will be available. The small one is not bad and comes with a plug.
  8. It sure does. The article mentions "20 applications" so the bottles will the the same size as Shellac or the Gelish Minis. It also mentions $59.97 for the "system." I wonder what's included in that price? If it only includes base, top, and one color, then I'm better off buying the Gelish at Sallys. I'm at Ulta at least once a week (there's one 5 minutes from my office, so I often browse around on my lunch hour), so I'll definitely be checking it out.
  9. I was a little disappointed in the Gelish minis at the Sally's near me. You're exactly right, the color range offered was rather small IMO.
  10. I work at Ulta and I haven't heard anything about this yet. I'm excited though..Hello employee discount! I cut back my sched this summer to 10hrs per week, so I may have just missed it, but I'm sure going to ask about it this week!
  11. Ooh, make sure and let us know what you find out! If you're allowed to, that is! :graucho:
  12. This is really exciting. I want to know what colors are being offered also. the articles I read said they want to tap into the most up to date trends, so hopefully they will have some different choices.
    Can you scan the code on the bottom right hand corner? Does that give any additional info?
  13. it just takes you to the ulta website which doesn't even have it on there. :sad: i really hope that they do follow trends. i like weird colors. really anything besides shades of pink and red which is mainly what the gel polishes have right now. I wear them but sometimes i just want something different. i'm sure it'll be the longest month ever waiting to see what colors they have!!