Red Carpet event at Marshalls in Canada!!!

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  1. Event running from February 27 to March 5.......what did you find ?????:smile:
  2. Thanks for the info! how are the prices?
  3. the prices are so so. I paid $499 for the bag and 99 for the shoes. Not a huge discount but I was looking for a Gucci messenger because I had sold mine and was regretting doing so. If you go let me know what you find :smile:
  4. Found this little MbMJ for $149 at the Richmond & John location

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  5. Very cute!:smile:
  6. Very disappointing. Mainly old Coach items at the store I went to. I did see 1 Givenchy clutch that was $699.99.
  7. Didn't see much at the Weston and Hwy 7 location in Vaughan yesterday... a lot of shoes but not many sizes, there were 2 different sizes for each shoe at most. Lots of Gucci ($300-600) and Balenciaga heels/flats ($180+), saw about two neon Valentino wedges, not much in terms of purses.

    Overall I walked out empty handed.
  8. Good to know! That's the Marshalls I go to, and now I know I don't need to bother going in. I'm envious of all the people who go to the good Marshalls locations!
  9. I'm surprised nothing better turned up at other locations. I thought maybe the store was holding back and not putting out the haul until the weekend because I went before the weekend. I guess there was better bag selection at the Oakville dorval winners the week before when they had their runway event.
  10. I know right! I wish it was big enough to be useful!

    I did see this Chloe Paraty at the College Park Winners. My hg is the Chloe Marcie small hobo that I someday hope to own, but the leather did not feel so lush at all on this one...

    $1250 from $1700+

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  11. The 2016 Fall Red Carpet Event is from September 8 to 14, 2016. Here are all the details:! Happy Shopping!