Color Red/Burgundy/Orange Color Family- PICS ONLY!!!

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    Please post any photos of your authentic Bottega Veneta bags in the Orange, Red or Burgundy color family.
    Please indicate the color name, color code, leather type, style, season and year of the bag you are posting. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. carmine fall/winter 2007, nappa, V00A2/6210
    carmine weave.JPG
  3. Autumn/Winter 2007. Carmino Large Veneta. Bought in Harvey Nichols, Dubai.
  4. Carmino Montaigne. Fall/Winter 07. Colour code 6210
    DSCN1461.JPG DSCN1462.JPG
  5. Carmino Large Veneta, A/W 2007, code 115654 V0013 6210, EPEV 2007 1673 A
    refrence 005.jpg refrence 006.jpg refrence 007.jpg
  6. Here they are! Carmino Ball and Cassis lg Veneta.
    The first 3 pics are taken outside in natural light in the shade.
    Fourth pic inside with flash, and while it is a bit oversxposed, it does depict the differences in the color very well.
    Fifth pic taken inside, no flash. This picture probably shows the true colors and differences most accurately.
    100_3730.jpg 100_3731.jpg 100_3732.jpg 100_3733.jpg 100_3734.jpg
  7. 173398 V00a2 6401
    EPEV 2007 3714A
    DSCN1091.JPG DSCN1090.JPG
  8. Carmino Royale as illustrated by the large Veneta, FW 2007, 115654/VE0A0/6216



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  9. Medium Rosso Venetta (season unknown) :shame:
    BV Rosso Veneta.jpg
  10. Comparing Rosso Veneta w/ Balenciaga 2007 Tomato (known as the True Red)
    BV Rosso Veneta vs Balenciaga Tomato True Red.jpg
  11. Camino New Ball. Looks somewhat like cassis in the pic but its carmino.

  12. Medium carmino veneta, F/W 2007, nappa, reclining on a Starbucks chair.:smile:
  13. Cassis Campana:heart:
  14. Eclipse

    Intrecciato goatskin bag
    Pleated veneta
    eclipse_int_goatskin_closeup.JPG eclipse_pleated_closeup.JPG eclipse_pleated_veneta.JPG
  15. Eclipse clutch and Iridescent Eclipse for comparison
    DSC03686.JPG iridescent_eclipse_clutch.JPG