Red Bull !!!

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    Does anybody like this drink ?
  2. I think they're okay. My daughter LOVES them.
  3. :yes: I like the sugar-free version.
  4. sugar free all the way...
  5. Yes I luv Red Bull! Especially with Vodka!!!
  6. Yes. Redbull + Vodka is the best....

    although it's known to not be exactly good for you.
  7. I like rock star better.
  8. I :heart: Redbull! I drink about 4 a day. Do they have any damaging effects that can occur from excessive drinking of it? :biggrin::hrmm:
  9. I only drink Red Bull when there is no 'V' in stock at the dairy (cornershop) i find it quite sweet... but its great with vodka! 'V' is made up of the same stuff as Red Bull but its in a brigh green can... its yum, i use to drink ONE every day! so nawty!
  10. I can only tolerate the sugar-free version... the full sugar version makes me feel really anxious and dizzy. My friend calls it "liquid crack," wonder if there's any truth to it LOL
  11. my bf is addicted to it. i smelled it the other day and it smells like cough medicine! i couldn't bring myself to sip any of it. :yucky:
  12. My DH is addicted to them on his 12 hour work days.

    I think it tastes like stale sweettarts left out in a fizzy sun.
  13. I like the sugar free Red Bull. Also, it's delecious when mixed with vodka. After 5:00 pm. Of course, :lol: :lol: :lol:.
  14. Oh yes! Very yummy! I also like to mix up a red bull and Crown Royal from time to time.
  15. in fact i only drink it with vodka