Red box leather

  1. I was looking at the thread with the folded Kellys and fell in love with the red box leather. Does anyone here have experience with red box leather? How does it hold up??? Does it show more scratches than black? The color on H leathers don't fade (i.e. become lighter in color with time), do they? I appreciate and comments and opinions. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, I have a Rouge H box kelly, it does have some faint surfacey scratches thus far but I can't say I feel like it is particularly fragile, or that the color is fading, but the bag is less than 10 years old and does not get used regularly...I personally love box leather and that it develops a patina.
  3. Scarlett,
    That red is very stunning isn't it? Some time back there was a thread discussing that exact bag you are referring to, and I'd asked my store manager about it. It's actually Chamonix Rouge H. And it's made for the runway only.
  4. oh darn :sad: do you mean the bag or the leather is only for runway??? If it's just the bag, do you think you can find H items made out of Chamonix Rouge H in the stores?
  5. Sorry, Scarlett. I meant the leather combo for the flat kelly; not the flat kelly itself. I have to refer to the old thread regarding the flat kelly. I think it'll be in swift leather.

    As for Chamonix Rouge H in other styles, I cannot comment. I don't know. Perhaps someone else can chip in here?
  6. I have to inquire if I can get a bag in Rouge H chamonix. I can't get the look of the leather out of my head. Since I'm not experienced with all the leathers I mistook it for box. See.....I learn something new here everyday :smile:
  7. OMG, I think a Rouge H Chamonix bag would be glorious!!! LOVE Chamonix!!!!
  8. I love Chamonix! Excellent in reds and blacks and brown and well all the colors!!!!
  9. Can't comment on bags, but I have a Rouge H Chamonix Bearn wallet... it's lovely :love: It does have scratches on it, but you can only see them at certain angles in the light. It's very nice and matte in the Rouge H color... I'm sure it would look great in a bag if you want a matte, rather than a glossy look.
  10. moviegirl has a vintage 1960's rouge H box kelly!! i've seen it IRL and i must say it is dead drop gorgeous and the leather has held up really well over the years!!