Red Blake guidance please . . .

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  1. So my craving for a Red Blake with Gold hardware:love: has not subsided since the sad ebay incident I last posted about. Since there seems to be some nice reds out right now I'm wondering if I should suck it up and just pay full price for a color I know I'm going to love.

    I was holding out for a Brick red Blake on ebay, I was even thinking about a Blake in Bordeaux(there is one up right now) but I already have a PW Stam and ZC in that color:heart:.

    When I was at the Boston collection store I tried on the Mercer Blake(which I know a lot of you don't like) in Merlot(I think) and I actually really liked it. I can't tell if the knots are going to remain classic looking though, plus it was not suede lined and I think if I buy a Blake of any kind it really needs to be lined in suede.

    I also saw the blake in the shiny Fuchsia leather and I did not like it.

    So I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I'll try to make a trip to the NYC Mercer store and do some more research as I was kind of rushed when I was in Boston.

    I guess my question is what would you guys do?

  2. Paying full-price is a tough call for me because MJ's usually go sale sometime in the future (depends on the bag/color I guess). However, when I really wanted the Bordeaux Blake and couldn't find one, I really considered paying full-price. So I guess if you really love the bag, you should go for it whether full-price or on sale.

    The Merlot is just gorgeous! When I saw it IRL, I thought of "trading" in my Bordeaux items. However, you're right that the Merlot is not lined in suede :sad: I really love the color though so it is a tough call! Btw, there is also a Cinnamon color (saw it at Saks and it is pretty!). It is still available through and it is lined in suede (though it is not as red as the merlot or bordeaux):


    Re: what I would do...well, I have the Bordeaux Blake and ZC and I :heart: both! So even if you already have the PW Stam and ZC, I don't think that should stop you. It is a beautiful color...THOUGH I really like the Merlot as well but I am turned off by the knots and no suede...

    Truly is a tough call! HTH somewhat. Good luck spacey!
  3. The knots, to me, are risky. I think there was a thread earlier that was talking about how well they were selling, and IIRC, it wasn't very well. I would just be worried that MJ would stop making them, and then in turn, they would become dated.
  4. I'd pay full price if I saw something that I knew I've been wanting for so long and seemed like the search would be endless. A red Blake with GW is stunning and absolutely classic. I'd wait for one with suede though, for the full Blake experience.
  5. I think the leather texture between the PW bordeaux stam and soft calf blakes are different enough that it shouldnt stop you if you really like this color. I havent seen Merlot IRL but I definitely know what u mean about wanting one w/ suede lining. One of the tpf members here recently snagged a bag and zc in WINE, released around '03 or '04 and that to me looks TDF :drool: Or you can wait around til Fall and see what reds are released and see if Marc brings back the Blakes w/ suede lining. Good luck w/ ur decision and let us know what u end up deciding!!
  6. if mj does stop making them, it won't be anytime soon. the mercer line is returning for fall.

    i really love the merlot color. i'm considering selling my bordeaux zc to get a merlot one, but i am facing the same dilemma. should i give up the one that's lined in suede for the one that's not? is the color more important to me than the interior? i need to see this color irl again to compare and contrast.

    i think you should take a look at the cinnamon blake. the color looks much nicer and richer than what the pic shows. although for some reason, i believe it's a department store exclusive. the boutiques never received that color. i'm not sure if they would be able to order it either. you'd have to check with a sa. whatever it is you decide, let us know!
  7. Thanks ladies, I guess I'm really going to have to go into the city and do some research. I'm intrigued by the Cinnamon but worried it will be too brown. The Brick color I have been lusting after is a very RED red contrary to how the name might sound.

    I'm curious about the Rose color listed on the website. Anyone know if this is a real color or just a typo?

    I give a shout out to the NY thread if I can pin down a date in case any of you NYC area girls want to join me in some MJ bag fondling.
  8. If you want red, I would go for a merlot or the rose shade. I like Bodeaux, but I think it is much more of a muted shade. I think Cinnamon might not be what you are looking for, but I love the shade. It's best to take a trip into NYC and get a good, up close look at these colors. You'll know which one is your fave when you see it.
  9. Agree with tadpolenyc on the cinnamon. It is really gorgeous. Not bright red, more like the bordeaux. But the leather and linings are old-school MJ soft calf style. They have it full price at Saks in SF right now.

    Also agree on the knotted bags; don't love them, don't think they are selling well (if my SA who told me that is correct) but he is bringing them back in the fall so they will be around at least for awhile.