red, black, and white sombrero in nm boston

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  1. just came back from boston nm, saw some sombrero there. lots of flaps, including a pink classic flap, cute!
  2. it's really a shame that Saks in bostons doesn't carry chanel.

    I find the SA's at Neimans to be self important, lazy, and generally rude. In my experience, it always seems like they hate to be disturbed from their standard position of leaning against the counter chatting with one another.

    do neiman's employees not get commission whereas Saks employees do? for the life of me, I can't understand why nm boston service is so bad.
  3. ^^
    Tell me about it!
    typically in the HANDBAG department, upstairs is better.
  4. all nm sa's work on straight commission and the good ones make 100.000+ a year. I know because I worked at the nm in lv for a short time a few years ago.
  5. From my own personal experiences, I find better service at Saks versus NM as well. Saks SAs are generally more pleasant IMHO.