Red Birkin leather on cover of In Style: Secrets of Style

  1. Can someone tell me the type of leather that is on the red Birkin that's on the cover of In Style: Secrets of Style.


    (Photo taken from
  2. Which issue is that?
  3. It is the book (hardcover or paperback).

    In Style: Secrets of Style : The Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Every Day

    by the editors of In Style
    published 2003 (hardcover) / 2005 (paperback)
  4. Interesting! I'd like to know the answer to this too!
  5. Hmmm, can't tell from that pic. If you go to the Hermes Info thread and see a similar leather on one of the bag pictures maybe I can ID it for you.
  6. I have the book - I'll go see! (not that I would know but maybe it's written in the book somewhere):blink:
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if the whole photo had been retouched, including enhancing the color of the bag.
  8. It's hard to tell but it looks like it could be calf since I don't see any texture....and it's a brighter red...lots of help from me I know! :suspiciou