Red Bayswater availability?

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  1. I have dreamt about a red Bayswater for years now. Here I read all the time that outlets have them, but are there any red Bayswaters in the retail stores? Especially in London, as my friend is visiting London this weekend and promised to look for my dream bag :yes: :heart: Would she have any luck or is the quest doomed from the beginning?

    Helsinki store refuses to acknowledge special orders, so my only hope is that a store in Britain would ship the bag to me :girlsigh:

    Thank you for any answers!
  2. why not send an email to, they are really helpful and may arrange for one to be sent to a store for you, if they have any in stock??
    I sent an email this am to them and they replied in less than 10 minutes.
  3. So true, silly me :lol: This proves once again that one should think before posting :shame:

    Thank you, rachiem!
  4. I'm almost certain I saw a red Bayswater on UK e-Bay, I am pretty sure that the seller said it came from an outlet, perhaps the seller would ship to Helsinki?
  5. Here is is

    There is another one here

    Obviously it would be an idea to get the authenticity of these checked out by those in the know. I'm tempted myself only I have plans of a purple coat for winter and the colour clash might be too much to cope with! :lol:
  6. Thank you, MrsSpoon, for the links! E-bay is now the only option, because Mulberry answered that they have made red in the past but do not currently have it in range. Only the limited edition alligator one :nuts: Would love that, but £7000, oh well...

    So I'll keep dreaming and browsing E-bay :smile:
  7. Could your friend take a trip to Bicester outlet store near Oxford for you? last time I was there they had the red rio bayswater.
  8. I know the seller of the second one , auctionista_2 , she only sells genuine items .
  9. She'll be in London only for the weekend.. But as they say, patience is a virtue :nuts:
    and in the meantime I'll console myself with other red goodies :lol:
  10. ladies i just bought one of the red rio bayswaters from eBay...and i got it authenticated by the mulberry experts in the "authenticate this"'s on its way to me!!!
  11. And yours looks fab, baglover! Will you be posting pics when it arrives?
  12. And yours looks fab, baglover21! Will you be posting pics when it arrives?
  13. hulahoop, i most certainly will!! once i learn how to upload pics!!! i've had some trouble doing it on other threads...
  14. Again outlets/eBay are the best bet - York had a luscious red one last week!