Red Balenciaga please help

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a red city with regular hardware, can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. Have you tried calling Bal NY? Im sure that they have that bag in stock
  3. Just wanted to say that I have the Tomato Red City with RH, and it is really gorgeous! Hope you can find one! If they don't have one at BayNY, post here again or pm me, and I will try to remember who may have one. :heart:
  4. Thanks, I will try BalNY then :yes:
  5. I think that the last time I was in Saks in Boca Raton, FL, they had a red. I think Tomato, but she also had a Rouge Vif. 561 621 1355. Debbie is my fabulous SA, Al is also wonderful to deal with.

    I wish you well,

  6. try calling aloha rag.
  7. have you had any luck? keep us posted!!
  8. Thanks everyone! Just waiting for the right time to call, cuz of the time difference :smile: I will keep you all posted! Any idea how much the retail price is?
  9. Thank you for your help ladies! I found a RH red tomato city at bal NY...:yes:
  10. Wow, I can't believe someone still has a rouge vif new in a store. Wonder if it is a return.
  11. yahh my sentiments exactly. i was like WOW! when i saw that.
  12. papillon216 - I'm so glad you found one! Yea!!
  13. congrats! can't wait for pictures!!
  14. Bridget, How long ago were you there?? I tried calling yesterday and the person I spoke with (Debbie wasn't there) said that all the red cities were 2007. I would LOVE to score a new rouge vif...