red bags: a must in every bag collection?

  1. hey ladies ~ i never thought of buying a red bag until i found my 05 rouge city...i love it for its daring/sexy color, but once in awhile i've thought about letting it go for fast cash. do you think a red bag is essential in every bag collection?
  2. i think black is essential, but red's also nice. it made me feel sexy wearing red or magenta b-bag in my case :P
  3. IMO i reckon you should have at least ONE red bag or purse or clutch... red, pink, MAGENTA or some sexy HOT colour (duh... red, pink or magenta... i'm SO silly!!! :roflmfao: ) - just to make your bag collection have abit more variety!!! :wlae: i need to get cracking on to getting a SAUCY HOT red bag... :Push: i think i might wait abit though.... :graucho:
  4. Ohhh I love the red and pinkysh colors :tender: . . . so I have a '03 red city but also a pink and magenta day/hobo in my collection - and I love them ALL :heart: !! I think it's a MUST to have 1 red bag, IMO :love:
  5. Definately need a red bag somewhere along the line.
  6. I think so too that a red bag is a "must". I just have a grenat but I'll add a real red bag to my collection.
  7. I LOVE red bags!!! Right now my sister is carrying my 05 rouge-red Work and she is loving it!! :heart:
  8. i also love, love red! so, i would have to say yes, everyone should have a red bag in their collection. i love to wear a neutral color outfit with a red bag.
  9. Me too - I love red bags! (ironically I mostly wear black bags, but I do want a red one eventually)
  10. I think red bags are for "loose" women. Shame on all of you.

    edit: especially you esile with your red work. :angel:
  11. ^^:shame: :roflmfao:

  12. chi, you are so bad!!!:wtf: let me beat you to the punchline.... i guess, you are going to say next that the bigger the red bag, the looser the woman.:blah: :smartass:

    you are lucky that you're my friend or i'd have to meet you in a dark alley.:biguns:

    mims, pull out the ban stick!:banned:
  13. :amazed: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    That's okay Esile...we'll have a big ole whores red bag party ova here! :party:
  14. I wouldn't be surprised to find your type in an alley.
  15. yeah! that's where us loose women hang out and have our "whore red bag party"! let's go, esider! ready to whore it up!:party: :rochard: :drinks: :choochoo: