Red bag suggestions?? anyone

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  1. I'm lookin to buy a red handbag, (a true red, not burgundy colored), a couple bags that I already have in mind are the MJ small red patent bowler and the 2005 chloe paddington that I'm watching on ebay. Any other suggestions ladies?? Help me out.:wacko:
  2. Oooh, fun! I LOVE red! Can't wait to see some suggestions!
  3. What about a red LV Epi bag? That's a gorgeous red :love: I also like the ferrari red MJ Blake.
  4. I was already thinking of red epi, and I think i'm falling in love with the new passy. I just saw someones passy pics on the lv forum. what do you think Cristina? Or a red epi speedy--I'm loving the palladium hardware now.
  5. my vote is for the epi jasmin!;)
  6. The Speedy is my favorite Epi bag :love: I hope to get one in mandarin sometime in June. I think it would look great in red, especially with the silver hardware! I had never seen the passy before, but after seeing the pictures posted here earlier, it is gorgeous. The jasmin is also very pretty!
  7. i say the speedy in epi.
  8. I agree with Cristina about Epi Noe. I have this bag in this color and I LOVE it! Here's a pic from ebay, not sure if its authentic but just wanted to give you an idea.
  9. My vote is also for the epi. Why not an epi passy! I love :love: that bag! Going to LV later to check it out.
  10. Hi kylieReese, do you have any style in mind? If only that gorgeous Salavore Ferragmo bag (please see BorsaBella's thread) came in red ...

    A few bags on for your consideration, please:
    Buti Horsebit Red Italian Suede and Leather Satchel
    L.A.P.A. Horsebit Detail Leather Satchel
    Fontanelli Red croco-embossed leather flap bag
  11. I just bought a black Epi Passy GM--I think that size wouldn't look as great in red. BUT I saw the "regular" smaller Passy in red at the store--it's REALLY attractive. I think that'd be a great classic red bag. Unfortunately I can't find a photo--eluxury sold out of that size, so it's not popping up on their website...
  12. I like the Noe and Passy suggestion as well! If you want BIG, the S/S large Gucci hobo in red, I love that bag!!
  13. [​IMG]


    LV Epi's are the only LV's I'm really fond of, so if you're going LV go Epi, lol!

    Also, this is a little of topic, but the red calfskin Daphne from Coach, I saw it in the store and I dont know if it was just the lighting, but the red does NOT look as good in the store as it does on the website O_o It's like. . .red play-dough red. . .ew.