Red Bag - Soho Disco or GG Marmont

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  1. So I have been really wanting a red bag lately. I want something that is a crossbody or convertible. I'd also like it to be something that I can wear out to dinner or just hanging out on the weekends (i.e. versatile). I have been looking at the Soho Disco and GG Marmont Leather Chain Strap Wallet, but I am also open to other suggestions.

    I have a black, patent Soho Disco and I like it quite a bit. I have really liked the Marmonts since they came out, but I worry that they will eventually look dated whereas the disco is practically a classic. I also worry about the strap wearing on the sides of the bag and the fact that it doesn't have a leather piece on the strap for comfort. On the other hand the Marmont would add something different to my collection and it is gorgeous.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! TIA!
  2. Not everyone knows all the style names (there are also many variations of Marmonts). If you show everyone pics I'm sure lots of people will help you.

    I don't tend to worry about 'dated' because the same trends go in and out all the time in ever decreasing circles, and very few people besides Gucci employees and members of this particular forum would ever, ever know when any Gucci was from since they have so many bags and variations of bags. Personally, I find the GG hardware of the Marmonts a little 'non-subtle' but that's just me. The red Soho Disco is very classic looking, at a reasonable price, you know the style works for you and red is very different from black patent.
  3. Here are pictures of the two bags.

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  4. You do bring up a good point about the non-subtle aspect. One thing I tend to like about the soho disco is that one side doesn't have the GG's and I can flip the bag if I desire.
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  5. I love the look of that Marmont and I almost wanted to buy one.. but it really doesn't fit much, since it's more of like a WOC. And the chain strap isn't adjustable which was a dealbreaker for me. But I still really love the look of the bag overall. It really is gorgeous IRL!

    As for Soho, definitely fits more for a small bag, and is more casual looking.

    Just my 2 cents, good luck in making your decision!
  6. Can I suggest the jackie soft shoulder bag? I love it, it's the perfect day to night bag (in my opinion).
  7. They are both gorgeous bags. I would say choose the disco if you want to fit more and have a more casual look. The marmont is smaller, but looks dressier with a chain strap.
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  8. since you have a black patent soho disco, i will vote for the marmont. it's dressier and as it's a simple design i don't think it will look outdated.

    why not consider a mini dionysus? it's becoming a classic imo:smile:
  9. The GG marmont comes in many sized. Its shoulder bag variations are nice too.
  10. Everyone has given me a lot to think about. I didn't realize exactly how small the Marmont I chose was, but since many of you mentioned it doesn't hold much, then it might not be the right choice. With that being said, I just looked at Gucci's website and they had some versions of the Marmont I hadn't seen before. These look like they might be able to hold a bit more without being too large. So if I go the Marmont route it might be one of those. As papertiger mentioned the GG's on the Marmont are less discrete which I normally avoid, but the Mormont's give me a 70's vibe (maybe that is just me) and I am a sucker for anything with a vintage 70's feel.

    I know someone mentioned the Jackie, but based on what they have in stock I think it would be too large and I didn't see a red. Someone else mentioned the Dionysus, which is beautiful but I only see a red suede on Gucci's website and suede would severely limit how often I could carry it (because of rain and snow). I do love the look of suede though!

    Here are some of the other Marmont beauties I discovered last night on Gucci's website. Unfortunately, one doesn't come in red (at least on the website) and one of them has a heart on the back, which I'm not too excited about. They are nice to look at either way!

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  11. I'm having the same delimma. I love the Gucci Marmont Wallet on Chain. The leather is lovely and the GG logo isnt shiny which makes it chic and wearable day or night. However I'm worried it might not be roomy enough. I think the Marmont can fit coins, notes, cards, lipstick n maybe a pair of sunglasses without the case. I just love the look of it. But I might have to find a slightly bigger bag from the Marmont collection.

    The Soho Disco is small but extremely roomy which I love. It can fit all your essentials and more.
  12. As an update, I spoke with an SA and she said that the camera-case style Marmont will also being coming in red (and several other colors not yet on the website). In addition, she said there will also be a Disco size!
  13. By any chance do you know if they will come out with more colors in the disco for fall other than the color block ones that's on the website now?
  14. She didn't say, but I also didn't ask. You could contact an SA at a Gucci and ask them about the colors. She listed off several colors for the Marmont bag, so I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't use some of those colors on the Disco, but that is just speculation on my part. She did say that the other sizes, and presumably other colors, wouldn't be coming out until September.
  15. Thank you for the Intel. Unfortunately there's no Gucci store nearby. I only buy from the Gucci website. Do you know what colors are coming out in the marmont?