Red bag Owners, How often do you use them?

  1. I just happened to notice how many red bags have been for sale lately and wondered why? Could the mad rush to sell our red bags be due to the upcoming tomato or do we simply not use them enough? :shrugs: I have a Rouge VIF city that has the most amazing leather. It is a real show stopper. :nuts: I use it only once in a while, but, when I do it gets a ton of attention. :yes: How often do you use your red bags??? :confused1:
  2. Everyday!!
    My bags are all red :biggrin:
  3. Yikes!! I would love to have a red day. I know this is a Bbag forum, but, is that a RED PYTHON SILVERADO???!?! :nuts: Stunning collection!!!!
  4. Reds are fabulous but i don't own one coz probably it's not my style....:smile:
  5. I use my Rouge Theatre Day constantly and my Rouge Vif Twiggy never. I think in my case it's more about the size than the color. I'd wear a Rouge Vif Day if I had it.
  6. :wtf: :drool: :drool: Beautiful red hotties you got there, Andy!

    The only red bag I have is Grenat Work and haven't used her much since I got her...but planning on keep using her for the next little while to break her in:heart:
    I'm dying to get my hands on a *true*red bag, though.

    I'm thinking Tomato!!!
  7. I have one little rouge vif first that I love. I use it sometimes on the weekend. For me it's also a size thing -- the first is a bit teeny for my everyday needs. It suits me more for going shopping or out for dinner. If I had a bigger red bag I'd use it more as I love the colour.
  8. I LOVE my RV Purse- I use it a lot!!:yes::heart: I have been using it even more than my Black City which I really love, too!:shame:
  9. i have a rouge vif courier. i am a pretty understated kind of gal in terms of dress and demeanour, but strangely enough the bag works with so many of my casual and more put-together outfits. i wear it all the time... i have another red bag that is close to rouge theatre in colour and though it's not a bbag, it's great for adding a pop of classic red. paired with conservative colours red can look very chic. and rather scandinavian, IMO!
  10. Not a ton. I prefer my black b-bags. I need to try and use my red bag more. It's just harder to match with clothing...
  11. I have a rouge VIF purse which gets carried at least 1 week a month and an rouge theatre day that I carry 1 week every 2 months...I would carry them more as red is my favorite color by I like to rotate all my bbags and use a different bag every favorite colors tend to get used a little more often...I was thinking about getting the new tomato in the day also as it looks like a beautiful red just not sure how close to the vif it will be so I will be waiting for feedback from all of you here...:smile:
  12. In fall/winter I use my Rouge Vif City all the time! But in summer with all of the yellows, pinks, light blues etc. that I'm wearing it seems harder to match...but it does look awesome with a white tank top and jeans!
  13. A change my bags everyday, and ratio wise, I think my red bbag gets to be used the same amount of time as my other bags. In fact, I just used it this morning. My clothes are neutral, mostly white, blue and beige. To top it off, I rarely wear prints, so I used bright colored bags and shoes to make my outfit more exciting.
  14. Andy_Sach, that's an amazing collection of red bags!

    I have a Rouge Vif box that was fabulous to carry during the holidays, but alas, she's been somewhat neglected since then. I love the color, but have to make a conscious effort to find clothes that match.
  15. i love red! but i think i tend to use my red bags more in the fall/winter. every once in a while if it matches my outfit i'll wear the reds in spring/summer.