red bag dilemma

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  1. my DH asked me the other day what color my next bbag was going to be. Currently I have 3 City's Black,greige, and dark brown. I wear alot of black, and mostly neutral colors. I have in the past considered a red bag, but only momentarily.

    I was so surprised when my DH said "why not get a red one, that would be cool" He then went on to point out all the outfits that I could wear with it.

    That being said, I am now torn about what to do. I pretty much have the neutrals covered, and I'm now starting to notice red bags on people.

    Should I consider a red addition to my collection? I've never really considered myself a "red-bag" kind of girl. But I am a Leo, and I do like red. Am I nuts?
  2. GET RED!!!! Red is the best, you will be surprised how versatile the color is. What kind of red were you thinking? Medium, brighter or darker? I think it would really be a perfect addition to your collection of neutrals.

    ps. my bf LOVES the red city soooo much too.
  3. I was thinking Rouge Vif, but if they are difficult to find, perhaps the 2007 red.
  4. I just received my red vermillion city bag and I totally love it! I have been looking for a red bag for years and just found the perfect bag in red.

    I am like you..I love wearing black and neutral colors but having a red bag will bring life to the outfits.

  5. What kind of red is it? Is there any orange in it, does it look orange in certain light? Or is it more of a "red" red?

  6. OooH actually if you wear a lot of black, red would look amazing with it!
  7. I took the risk and ordered the 2007 Rouge Vermillion without seeing it but it turned out to be the red I was looking for - not sure what kind of red YOU like. Initially, I was worried after seeing pics on this forum of the 2007 Red because it looked a bit too orange for me but when I got my bag this afternoon, I was so impressed with the color. It is BLOOD RED. Its the color of fresh blood - very stunningly bright. I do not see any orange in it.

    Get the will be very pleased with the color(if you like blood red, that is).
  8. I am staring to think that I should... blood red sounds wonderful;) My only concern is that I might feel awkward, never having carried a bright red bag. Am I just being silly?

    Anyone who owns one have any idea what I'm feeling?
  9. iloveelmo,

    i know exactly how u feel cuz i wear the same colors and my bags are also these neutral colors or balck and white!!! i know it's kinda scary to try red.....but if ur DH said so, why not give it a try...maybe u'll like it!!!

    i'll try to expand my (bags) horizon too!!....don't forget to tell me how it goes with red,k?? :smile:
  10. I think red is a gorgeous staple that goes great with neutrals! It's a pretty safe bet and a beautiful way of adding a splash of colour to a neutral wardrobe! Red is sophisticated, sexy, and fun all at the same time!
  11. I never thought I would buy a red bag until I saw the rouge vif thread here and even then I wondered if it was not going to be too bright. But when I saw it I was in :love: !
    If you're like me I would try to find a RV city it just is the most wonderful deep red. I wouldn't have gotten vermillon really too bright for me.
  12. IMO, the Rouge Vif is TDF!!!
  13. LELEQ!! i was going to order the Rouge Vermillion City as well. Do you have a pic of your bag you can post. I have a feeling it's the exact red that i would love over the Rouge Vif! TIA!
  14. I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. I bought a rouge vif city when they first came out but it's just not "me." I've carried the bag three times and each time I felt very awkward with it. I have considered selling it, but the color and leather are so beautiful I'm having trouble letting it go. Plus my husband keeps encouraging me to keep it--I guess men like red bags? Anyway, if you already have reservations, maybe you should invest in a more neutral color that you know you will use and enjoy...

    Good luck with your decision!
  15. iloveelmo, red is just beautiful.. you should get red since you've already covered the staples!!