red bag carried by rachel griffiths in last season of six feet under: an MJ, which?

  1. can anyone confirm if the red bag carried by rachel griffiths in the last season of six feet under (when she was in the elevator visiting her premature baby in the hospital) is an MJ and if so, whether it is a zoe? if not, what is it called? from which season? thanks!
  2. Do you have a photo?
  3. a pic would definitely help! :smile:
  4. argh. nope. i know there is a way to get image from a DVD onto pic but not sure how to do so. this bag has small turnlock at the bottom on each side.
  5. I think it is from 2002 or 2003? That is what the photo says, too, so somewhere around in there. I know these pop up on eBay sometimes. I have seen 3-4 of them on eBay over the last few months...1 brown, 1 red, and 2 black. There is also the Zoe hobo that will sometimes show up. I have not heard of these being available at any retail venues, but maybe someone else will chime in about that? Good luck and I will let you know if I see one!
  6. I've seen lots of black zoes, not too many red ones... maybe once or twice in the past few months... Don't worry, they DO pop up.
  7. thanks girls. will keep my ears perked up.
  8. oooo, nice. but i am located in asia (singapore). cant buy MJs from ebay anymore since ebay's ban on US ebay selling into asia (except japan).

    also, the one i am looking for looked more like a hobo.

    this is pretty though isnt it...?

    thanks thithi...!!

  9. Definitley don't see that one much anymore!
  10. Wow! it went really low