Red Bag and what not to wear with it

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  1. I usually play it safe with my bag, grey, browns. I'm thinking about getting a back in the red family. What would you suggest I NOT wear with it. Thanks!
  2. Well definitely not red clothing....but red shoes-yes. Red is pretty neutral so I think you can wear it with just about every color except maybe pink, or any really bright colors. Subdued colors is what you want for clothing. Let the red bag do all the talking! :smile:
  3. I'll be looking in on this thread, as I would like a red bag for summer. Thanks, brimack!
  4. IMO - don't wear anything with purple in it while you're wearing a red bag.....or green - not khaki green, but like "green" green - then you look like a Christmas tree....:yucky:
  5. I have a red bucket bag I wear it mainly when i'm wearing the same color top and bottom. Or sometimes with jeans.
  6. I beg to differ on the purple. I've worn my red bag w/ a purple dress and red belt. It is a dark purple mind you, but i think lavender would be nice for spring too. Wild colors are all the rage right now. I would even wear it with the right pink, as long as you feel good about it, you can wear it with whatever you want. It always looks fierce with black.
  7. I wouldn't wear it with purple either, or pink or green. But that's just speaking personally, as others have said, wear it with whatever YOU want! :smile:

  8. I like red and purple when they are the right tones.

    I don't like red and orange/salmon/peach/coral. That usually doesn't work no matter what the shade.
  9. it also depends on the shade of red - i have a true red bag that works with any color, but I have a red jacket with orange undertones that's VERY hard to match. Also, if you're wearing the bag casually, you can wear it with almost any color, except maybe another red.