Red B-Bags on Cricket (Liverpool)

  1. Thanks CeeJay! I have seen a couple of recent posts looking for red.
  2. I tried calling their customer service # several times earlier this morning (UK business hours) but it was busy the entire time. Also sent them an e-mail inquiry regarding what they have in-stock right now....but haven't heard back yet. Is what they show online an up-to-date reflection of their stock?....coz I'd thought that metallic colors like the red metallic & the silver metallic were long sold-out, super hard-to-find colors from holiday 2004/early 2005...and yet they are still in-stock at Cricket?
  3. I've asked about their stock, and was told they were sold out of most of what is on their site--they had a few metallic City bags left, and a few Firsts. (That was a few weeks ago.) It appears they update their site a few times a year?

    It would be worth checking with them, though. I got my Rouge First from them, and I found their service quite good--although the shipping rate was HIGH! The total cost ended up being about the same as what I would have paid for the bag here in Canada, had it been available here--so it was worth it.

    Perhaps they have more stock now...?
  4. I've ordered from them. Totally legit, but shipping is extortionate. They charged me £35, then shipped it by special delivery, which (interestingly) only cost £6.99 to send my LV back to London via the same method. So they're rip-off merchants, but they do seem to be good for stuff that's no longer in production.
  5. I've ordered from them a silver city and I was emailed that they sent it out on Wednesday. I asked for a tracking number but they have not answered so far. I have to say that the stock is not updated *at all* and they read their emails only like once a day, in the afternoon. But I called them a couple of times and they were really nice and helpful. Their site is under "refurbishment" right now, so they are experiencing some problems with the automated shopping procedures. For example, my invoic was lost (:weird:smile: so had I not called them, I would be still waiting for the confirmation email. I was not so upset because I had the receipt from the firm that deals with the bank transfer itself (in this case Worldpay) so I just caleld them, told them that I did not get a confirmation from Cricket and the girl agreed to continue the transaction over the phone. I just sent all the details of the order and the money receipt to her by e-mail and they finalized my order. I will not be ok 'til I don't have my new B-bag in my hands though.. but I just wanted to tell you that the customer assistance is quite nice even if they are not so handy with their own internet shop.
  6. I have been trying to buy a bag from them since monday & their customer serivce is the worst! I think I am going to take my buisness elsewhere!
  7. Yeah.. isn't it funny to have a web shop and not be able to manage it decently? d'oh!
  8. oooh thanks for the site!
  9. That's a real bummer? Hmmm
  10. i asked them if they had rouge left and they said no :sad: