red and navy r coming back, but what about the bijoux chain?

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  1. there are couple threads that mentioned the caviar red/navy classic flap r coming back, did anyone hear about whether they will come back with the chain/strap without the leather? i've been wanting to buy a jumbo... but the leather/metal chain on my mom's jumbo's just SOOOOO squeaky!!! and i totally missed out the season with the classic flap with bijoux did anyone hear anything from their SAs?
  2. I am in the same boat! I am dying for one with the bijoux chain; but in the medium or E/W size! :yes:
    I will pray very hard for it! Hehe!
  3. All of the upcoming caviar flaps are coming with leather/metal chain straps. There are no classic flaps' coming with bijoux chain staps at this time.
  4. Ohh! How sad is that!!! Boohoo! :crybaby:
  5. awww I feel the same way. That is sad, i love the bijoux chain!!
  6. i iwsh they will bring it back because it seemed very popular- I am waiting for them to bring it back
  7. I also want a bag with the bijoux chain. Hopefully, they will bring it back for the red flap. We can only wish.
  8. that is SOOOOO sad..... :crybaby:i was hoping that the new jumbo jumbo (it was mentioned no another thread that the big jumbo will be released next year) will come with the bijoux chain..... i guess all of us will just have to wait patiently..... if anyone hear anything else... please post!!
  9. yea the bijoux chain is so cute! 2 bad they are not bringing it back, maybe someday they will come out again.