Red and Cream Cherry Blossom pochette question

  1. Hello All-
    I was just wondering what you think a reasonable selling price for a very gently used CB red/cream pochette would be. I feel that anything over $500 is a bit high. Thanks!
  2. from what i've seen they seem to be sold in the $450-500ish range :P
  3. Yeah..somewhere around there. I've had my eye on the one on ebay for quite some time but I really don't want to pay $900 for it. I love the red and creme combo though..:love:
  4. About 450-500 is reasonable.
  5. The $500 Range Is About Right...Cream/Red VERY Sought After
  6. The most recent ones on ebay ended at $415 and $393. I think anything under $450 is a good price. Last December, I was really lucky and got one off ebay for a mere $360. In addition to this, I got to use the 10% off Holiday coupon :nuts: