Red alert!!

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  1. Beautiful!
  2. Thank you, r15324!
  3. nice!
  4. pretty red color! very nice
  5. Thanks, ilovebrad and yakusoku. I've never carried a clutch before, so I hope I'm not clumsy with it! Thanks for looking.
  6. Yes.. gorgeous red!!! please post some modelling pics.. i'm sure you'll rock that with your black dress.......... and can't go wrong! Congrats!!!!!
  7. Thanks discomom. You are so encouraging. I will post pics after the ball.
  8. wow! its sooo beautiful!! :love: i love it. congrats and enjoy the ball.
  9. Thank you, Chloe 13. You are so sweet.
  10. WOW! Carry it with confidence. That is one gorgeous bag.

    PS. I love to plan a cool virgin outing for my new bags / shoes / clothes. Kind of makes it special.

    PPS. Have fun!!!
  11. Thank you, Maxter! The ball is tomorrow and I will post a pic.
  12. I'm posting this pictures for inspiration for your gala tomorrow!

    From the celebrity thread ...

  13. Wooooo Hoooooo! Thank you, Maxter!!!
  14. beautiful, Ladygaga..Oh no, sorry Ladybaga!
  15. you are funny, Bernice80. I wonder if the Bois Clutch (a.k.a. Monte Carlo) has ever been to a ball? Some may think it is a bit too casual, but I think she deserves her "Cinderella Moment."
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